Skeleton Q-Tip Craft for Halloween

We heart this Skeleton Q-Tip Craft for Halloween. This craft is so simple and ridiculously easy, even the least crafty of us Mamas can guide our children through the spooky creation of a Skeleton made out of Q-Tips. All you need is glue, construction paper and Q-Tips. check out these simple instructions to create your own Skeleton Q-Tip Craft for Halloween.Skeleton Q-Tip Craft for Halloween

Skeleton Q-Tip Craft for Halloween

If your a Homeroom Mom in need of a simple activity for preschoolers through elementary aged school kids, this Skeleton Qtip Halloween craft is ideal. Hardly any work is involved on your end other than providing a few simple ingredients and perhaps a few Skeleton designs for inspiration.Skeleton Q-Tip Craft for Halloween

My little girl Kenzie, who just turned 8 last week, made this one over the weekend. So cute! She loved making it and it only took her about 5-10 minutes to carefully glue on each Qtip.


Supplies Needed for Skeleton Qtip Halloween Crafts:

Just pop over to your local store or raid your own linen closet or bathroom cabinets for Qtips – then grab some white glue, markers, and construction paper. Tip: If you are doing this as an activity for a large group of children at a party, you can pre-cut the skulls to make it easy for the kids so they can simply glue them on and avoid any cutting.



If you want to set this up for a class party or a Halloween playdate at home, do little stations with various cute skulls pre-made, cute, and decorated. And you can simply organize all your Q-Tips and supplies into a nice little assembly line. Putting a few pre-made skeletons on display for the kids will give them some inspiration for their own designs too!!!





Even my 5 year old thought this was an engaging and exciting activity. He is thrilled he knows how to spell the word “BOO!” now as well so he was quick to add that on to his spooky skeleton craft.


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