Super Resource for Adopting: The Adoption Consultancy

If you are hoping to adopt and don’t know where to turn for information and next steps, definitely consider working with the Adoption Consultancy as a wonderful resource to help guide you through the process. The Adoption Consultancy was founded by a Mom, Nicole Witt, who realized that she wanted to focus her strategic marketing abilities on something more important than selling products. After suffering from infertility herself she learned much about the adoption process and decided to put this valuable info to good use!

The Adoption Consultancy provides education, information and guidance to help families safely complete a newborn domestic adoption within 3 – 12 months and also offers international adoption support. The Adoption Consultancy actively maintains a network of the most reputable adoption agencies and attorneys throughout the country to help pre-adoptive parents find the best professionals to help them with their adoption journey. They also provide access to information on how many couples in the United States are waiting to adopt, adoption agencies listed by states and adoption scholarships for adoptive parents.

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