Super Wubble Bubble Brite

Calling all Wubble Bubble fans! Wubble Bubble recently just introduced a brand new variety to their super fun Wubble Bubbles. Check out the deets on the Super Wubble Bubble Brite – a Wubble Bubble that has LED color changing lights!

This Super Wubble Bubble Brite is made from the same Xpandium we all love for the same giant smooshy wooshy Wubble Bubble fun but also literally changes colors. Each Super Wubble Bubble comes with a pump making it easy to expand that Wubble Bubble up to the nearly 3 feet sized ball of all kinds of fun!


Learn more or purchase online at, Target, Walmart, or ToysRUs.

Take a peek at the demo in their commercial. How fun does the Super Bubble Brite look ??? Am I right?

Super Wubble Bubble Brite Video

The Wubble Bubble is one of my families favorite toys of all time and this color changing variety is really cool for parties! We played with it at Kenzie’s Birthday Party – except it was in the daytime so we couldn’t capture those color changing photos!

IMG_3518 2

How to Repair the Wubble Bubble or Get a New Wubble if it Pops

Yup. A little leak or a pop does happen after hours of tossing and crazy good times! We always have lots of success with the free patch kit that is included in the Super Wubble Bubble package and this extends the life of our Wubble Bubbles without a doubt. And… if your Wubble literally POPS, here’s the easy info on how to replace it since it is guaranteed for life. Yay!

Here’s the Warranty info from Wubble: Replacing a Wubble requires a $6.99 P&H cost that can be mailed in by check or you can pay for it right here with a credit card. Just click Warranty Return. A payment confirmation email should then be printed and included in your return envelope.

Note: This post is sponsored by Wubble Bubble. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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