The Omni Grove Park Inn Photos: #AtTheOmni @OmniHotels Celebrating your mom should look like this

It’s my mom’s 65th birthday, and me and my sisters bought flights, found babysitters, and did our best (some better than others, Heather!) to keep our surprise girls trip a secret from my mom for the past few weeks. In my 31 years, we have never left the boys behind and hit the road for an overnighter with just the girls. Now everyone would agree that a girls getaway is a genius idea in theory, but the logistics of planning something like this can feel overwhelming. That wasn’t going to stop us this time. After a couple of weeks of getting nowhere with making any decisions, we landed on the perfect spot that was not only easy but unique and special – The Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. The trip took very little planning to turn our dream into a reality. GPI offers so much to do that our itinerary was practically handed to us on a silver platter. Hooray!!! ¬†Here’s what we loved about this place…

OGPI Night

The Omni Grove Park Inn Photos

As we pulled up to this charming, historic estate, we couldn’t believe that a place like this existed quietly tucked away into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The lobby was full of warmth and coziness, but it somehow felt very majestic at the same time. You could have your wedding here or your family reunion. It seemed to fit all of these special occasions.


Since we arrived at GPI pretty late and had a big day ahead of us, we took in the amazing views right outside the lobby and headed off to bed.


You can check out my room tour for details, but the special touches made us feel at home in the most luxurious way possible. The blue trim around the moldings, the tile shower, and the coffee maker were pleasant additions to our stay.

New Model Room

The next morning, we grabbed a quick bagel and coffee from The Pink Pig, a cute, eclectic shop at the Inn. This cafe bakes its own fresh pastries daily for a delicious grab-and-go meal. We also headed down to the Sports Complex for a spinning class, one of the many activities offered at the resort. Yoga, golf lessons, water aerobics, and indoor tennis and racquetball courts were also on our wish list during our stay.

From there, we went to buy our Day Spa passes. Since we were trying to stay within a budget, we were thrilled to find this option available. The Grove Park Inn is one of the top spas in the country, but if you want the spa experience without the spa prices, buy passes for the day (around $75 per person depending on the day of the week). Keep in mind that you can not order day passes in advance. You have to order them in person at 9 am that same day, so get there early to guarantee a spot. Keep in mind that if you have a spa appointment, you are already granted access to the spa facilities.

Although we didn’t have appointments, we still got the pampered experience by soaking up the relaxing ambiance. The day passes allow you to wear a plush robe all day, spend time in the hot tubs, saunas, and pools, and enjoy healthy snacks and fancy waters that help with aging and other great stuff. We were in heaven!!!! No cell phones allowed so bring a great book and enjoy the serenity of it all.

Spa Outdoor Pool

Spa Twilight

The Omni Grove Park Inn Spa

Indoor Spa Pool

We spent every last minute possible in the spa until it was time to get in a little bit more exercise before dinner. The weather was perfect to take a hike on the easy Sunset Trail. It only took us about 30 minutes to finish. They’ll warn you about “friendly bears” in the woods, so bring keys to make noise and scare them away.

Sorry, Katie, we didn’t mean to leave you behind, but it was time for a selfie!


After working up a good appetite from our hike, we cleaned up for dinner at EDISON, one of the Inn’s many great restaurants. We were excited to learn that the chefs at GPI take great pride in featuring local foods and focus on healthy options. I REALLY hope that my burger was a part of the healthy menu, but I have a feeling that something so amazing may not have been the healthiest choice. Yet, it was sooo worth it.

We made a 7:30 appointment on the deck so that we could capture the perfect sunset. Be sure to get dinner or at least drinks on the terrace!


After dinner, we sat outside gazing at the stars and soaking in the last few moments of our trip. Maybe next time we’ll bring the kids along with us…maybe! Holiday weekends around this place get filled up with great kid activities that include hiking, rafting, and a lot of other really cool outdoor fun. This is a place for everyone. That’s what I learned…and loved about this spot. Can’t wait to go back!

Note: The Omni Grove Park Inn covered hotel accommodations but all opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Bonnie, please put this idea in my daughters’ heads for my 70th, next April! It looks like a fun time!
    How did you get your mom on a plane?

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