The Soccer Kids

So we’ve finally joined the ranks of the millions of  American Families who have their kids enrolled in some kind of Soccer program.

The little guy kicking the ball. A rare moment as his preference is to carry the soccer ball. Why kick and dribble when it is so much faster to pick up the ball, run, and then throw it into the goal?

This whole every Saturday morning thing seems like a big commitment – and we’re not even on a team yet just doing a clinic for the kids to introduce them to  the sport. So we’ll see how they like it but I always think it’s important to introduce the kids to as many things as we can so they can figure out what they like and what they’re good at too.

The kids had a grand time and were most impressed by the joy of the Soccer Jersey. It’s blue, it’s got a number on it, and it’s now a cherished article of clothing that they’d wear daily if I’d let them.

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