My Aspiring Writer wins the Valley Forge Essay Contest

Proud Mom moment! Kenzie is has a real passion for writing and I’m always amazed with the assignments she brings home from school. So when she saw Valley Forge Park was offering an essay contest she decided to do a little submission.   I love how she created a journal entry from 1777 that makes me really feel like I’ve stepped into the past! The Valley Forge essay contest was the perfect opportunity for my aspiring writer. Kenzie is a Daughter of the American Revolution too so I joked she must have been channeling her ancestors!  Today, they had an awards ceremony during the annual Rev Run for the winners. Mike raced the 5 miler and Kenzie & Kyle did the 1 mile kids race so we had a busy and gorgeous morning in the park!


Take a peek at her essay. I honestly want her to write more as I’m desperate to know what happens next!


We knew she was a winner but had not idea they’d create a cool poster with her essay printed for everyone to read! Kenzie was so excited — and they awarded the winners $100 too! Kenzie was impressed with the medallion they gave her and the cold hard cash as the “Benjamin” is a pretty cool bill! She’ll save most of it but has some plans to shop for a fidget spinner since they are all the craze now and we don’t have one yet. LOL!




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