What’s In My Bag? Summer Travel Survival Mom Style #PONDSPLUS @PONDS

Summertime! I’m on the go non stop with the kids so I love a big bag that doubles at giving me a sense of style a giant dose of Mom function. The Stella and Dot Avalon tote in this coral color, called Geranium meets the bill.

Ponds What's in my Bag

So what’s in my bag? Here’s a list of my summertime essentials.

Always carry my Coppertone 30 Sport sunscreen and POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes. Love the POND’S Towelettes so I can wipe off make up and sweat so I refresh myself and reapply during the day when I’m on the go for 12 hours straight with the kids from swim practice to tennis to swim meets – with maybe me squeezing in a run during the day if I’m lucky!!! Love how these instantly remove makeup PLUS hydrate my skin.

Dental Floss GLIDE brand mint

Band Aids

Extra Strength Rapid Release Tylenol Travel Bottle

SPF 15 Chapstick

Berry Lipliner and Kohl eyeliner

My beloved iPhone 5

Dum Dum Lollipops for the Kids to ward off those sugar lows

My Kindle Paperwhite in the hopes of having a moment to relax and read. Even if it’s just in the carpool line or waiting for the kids to finish swim practice I treasure the chance to squeeze in a few pages!

Note: I’m a member of the @PONDS #PONDSPLUS Beauty Brigade for 2014.

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