About Colleen Padilla

Colleen Padilla, the founder and editor of ClassyMommy.com lives in the Philly suburbs and is a full time mom for her 2 children, Mackenzie (7) and Kyle (5). Colleen and the Classy Mommy website have been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, The New York Post, local Philadelphia ABC, CBS, and NBC programs. Colleen has appeared in a TV special about Alpha Moms on South Korea’s NBC affiliate SBS. She also co-authored The Digital Mom Handbook (HarperCollins).

Crest Sensi New Treatment Option for Sensitive Teeth

Crest has just launched a giant innovation in oral care with their new Crest Sensi strips that help provide relief to sensitive teeth. Super easy to use and they provide immediate relief. We received a box to sample since I have a handful of teeth sensitivity issues that come and go. Do you have Read more [...]

Help Fight Hunger

Did you know that 1 in 6 American's struggle with hunger??  Heartbreaking and clearly there's lots that we can all do to help make a difference. My kids and I pack food each month from our local food bank that goes out to children in need at our local elementary schools. It's a great way for us to Read more [...]

Yogurt Substitution Swap Guide for Recipes

Love the idea of using Yogurt instead of many other "less healthy" options in recipes. It's a simply swap out that really packs in nutrition. Have you tried baking with yogurt yet? I've been using it with scrambled eggs instead of milk to create the most marvelous fluffy eggs. Yum! Stonyfield tipped Read more [...]

Straight Talk’s Give a Minute, Help @MakeAWish Program #StraightTalkTesters #WishPower #Giveaway

Partnering with a company that uses social media for social good feels great. I'm loving this Give a Minute, Help Make-A-Wish campaign happening right now with Straight Talk. They've created the EASIEST ways for you to help them raise up to $1 million for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Trigger a $1 Read more [...]

Styling Shoes for Fall under $10

Do you like to freshen up your seasonal Fall Wardrobe? What key pieces do you like to buy? I love snapping up new leggings, scarves, and shoes so I can transform existing outfits and create a few new ones altogether.  Faded Glory at Walmart has all kinds of super cute trendy flats for under $10. I picked Read more [...]

Amazing Books to help you have “The Sex Talk” with Kids

With kids who are 6 and 8, I’m starting to think about HOW and WHEN I’ll need to sit down and have “The Talk” with them about the birds and the bees. I’m loving the incredibly illustrated books from Candlewick Press that dive into “The Sex Talk”- with cartoon style images and comic style Read more [...]

Easy 90 second Harvest Centerpiece with Halloween Cauldron & Leaf Garland

Looking for a super simple and easy centerpiece for Fall? Check out our Harvest Cauldron idea. Honestly, you can put this together in under 90 seconds. In my house, my kids love when I add a touch of Halloween to all of our Autumn Harvest decor so I simply combined our harvest florals with classic black Read more [...]

Hard Candy Eye Shadows for Fall

I first fell in love with Hard Candy cosmetics last spring. They are classy, affordable and super functional. This fall your can freshen up your beauty routine with seasonal eye shadows to make your eyes really pop. I'm loving the Hard Candy Eye Shadow cosmetics kit that comes complete with a mirror Read more [...]

TINYPHONES Headphones from JVC

Are you looking for headphones for your kids? 6 year old Kyle is OBSESSING over his brand new kid-sized headphones, TINYPHONES from JVC. They even come with stickers and he spelled out his name on one side of the headset and the other side he put cool stickers from the kit. Our school now requires Read more [...]

Easy Acne Treatments for Tween Girls and Mom $50 Gift Card Giveaway #UnseenAcne

Are you looking for some easy acne treatments for your tween or teen girls? We were recently sent this kit of acne fighting products from Neutrogena and I'm in LOVE with their super easy to use grapefruit scented cleansing face wipes for acne-prone skin. I'm using these daily and I'm noticing a difference Read more [...]