How to Make a DIY Toy Story Alien Costume #ToyStoryLand #DisneySMMC

Who else has Toy Story Land or Pixar fest on the brain? With Toy Story Land opening June 30th at Hollywood Studios and Pixar Fest happening all summer at Disneyland, we are all over EVERYTHING Toy Story and of course Pixar. The little green aliens are a favorite in our family so Kenzie was inspired to make a Toy Story Alien Costume! Check out our photos and videos for some inspiration on How to Make a DIY Toy Story Alien Costume. Super easy!

You can check out all the details on Toy Story Land including photos and details on the new rides here too!

How to Make a DIY Toy Story Alien Costume

How to Make a DIY Toy Story Alien Costume

This actually turned out a lot easier than I thought it would! And if your a real Toy Story fan like us you’ll recognize Kenzie is totally an Alien from Pizza Planet’s claw machine. We bought all our supplies at Michael’s for one stop shopping.


Neon Green Flexible Foam


Giant Googly Eyes

Glue Gun & Scissors

Purple Pom Poms

Purple Ribbon to cinch the waist on your dress

Giant Blue Tee Shirt or Blue shirt & blue skirt

Green Leggings, Tights or Socks

Green & Purple Felt for the Pizza Planet Logo

Other Supplies: 

Simply, scissors for cutting and then a Glue Gun to put it all together!

DIY Toy Story Alien Costume Video

Photo Inspiration DIY Toy Story Alien Costume

You can tell we used a giant Blue Tee shirt to create a “dress” of sorts with a purple ribbon stash. It worked! We wanted green leggings but had to settle for super tall green socks as green leggings were ultimately impossible for us to find!

How to Make a DIY Toy Story Alien Costume

Don’t forget that Pizza Planet Logo on your apparel! We just used felt and glue to create our mini logo – it’s not perfect but it works! And for the collar we just glued on a lots of purple pom poms!

Toy Story Pizza Planet Logo

DIY Toy Story Alien costume

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  2. sarah says:

    hi, do you know what size of googly eyes you used? love your costume!

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