Purex Power Shot Auto Dosing Laundry Detergent Video Demo

Purex Power Shot

Check out this brand new innovation happening with laundry detergent this spring. Purex has just introduced the Purex Power Shot, a laundry detergent that automatically measures and doses your “capful” of detergent so all you need to do is flip your detergent and pour it into your machine. This eliminates all that icky messy spillage […]

Experience the Downy Difference – Laundry Tips, Video & Giveaway

Downy Challenge

If you are not using Downy fabric softener when you do your wash, I promise your laundry routine is missing 1 major key ingredient that truly will make your clothes softer and smell fresh longer. Downy will transform your clothing and your laundry routine. I’ve been a fan of Downy for years now, but I […]

HE Washer Advice

Wonder how to prevent that gunky smell in  your High Efficiency Washer or how to best take care of your new HE machine? Yes it can smell NASTY can’t it? Like leave the room gross. So how can you prevent that stink? Here’s my advice video which I made for the Wisk Laundry Line blog. […]