3 Daily Rituals to Find My Healthy Everyday and $25 CVS Gift Card giveaway #FindYourHealthy

How do find your healthy everyday? How do you easily help your family stay fit, active, and healthy? I find it’s always a struggle in the chaotic rush of life to stay healthy, but consciously making the RIGHT decisions about the little things definitely helps!  CVS partnered with us this Fall so we could show how CONVENIENT they make so many of our healthy rituals.

FindYourHealthy_Classy-Mommy_FB3 Daily Rituals to Find My Healthy Everyday

1. Exercise

As parents, exercising and a lifestyle that natural includes lots of physical activity for FUN instead of as a chore is how the #1 way that we try to role model a healthy life for our children – and ourselves. Everyday – even if I don’t go for a run or workout, I still enjoy a fantastic walk outdoors. Fitness is just a part of our life. The kids are involved in lots of sports, but on their off days, we always encourage them to keep on moving too and our fun family activities usually involve us all being active together – tennis, hiking, running, swimming, or a simple walk around the neighborhood.

2. Drinking lots of water & eating healthy snacks 

Avoiding excess sugar is huge for living a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding juice and opting for water is our general routine. Likewise, I try to opt for fresh fruit for myself and the kids. When we’re on the go we try to use convenient healthy snacks. CVS’s ABOUND line has tons of gluten free options free of all those yucky artificial ingredients. I try to keep the pantry stocked with lots of my kids favorites – and keep spares in my purse and car so we can easily make that healthy choice.

3. Daily vitamins and probiotics

Adding vitamins is one easy way I’ve found I can try to boost our overall nutritional and immune picture. Thanks to CVS I finally found a chewable probiotic that tastes great  – and isn’t a gummy – for my entire family to enjoy.


You can read more about these sweet tasting  – GRAPE (Total YUM!)  probiotics here.

Delicious Chewable Probiotics for Kids from CVS #FindYourHealthy

I am also keeping the CVS pocket size vitamins on our window sill in the kitchen – and in my purse – so I can grab my vitamins on the go and take extras when I’m fighting a bug. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Vitamin B, C, and D chewables.

You can read more about my love of these sweet easy chew on the go CVS vites here!

Boosting Immunity and Preventing Flu with On the Go Vitamins #FindYourHealthy


We’ve got a $25 CVS Gift card giveaway so 1 lucky winner and let CVS help them on their journey to “Find Your Healthy!”

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