Happy 4th of July

Kenzie is channeling her inner Patriot during our visit to Valley Forge Park to celebrate the festivities. She wanted me to be sure to tell everyone we met that she is a Daughter of the American Revolution and about her relative Hezekiah. Very cute. The kids had a blast and as usual the log cabins … Read more

Hello Toddler Bed!

After a night of climbing both in and out of his crib, we realized we no longer could keep our baby a baby forever – no matter how hard we tried. We converted the crib to the infamous toddler bed yesterday. Both Kyle and Kenzie are in love with Kyle’s new set up. Check it … Read more

First Day of Preschool Camp

Kyle ventured out on his own today. He was thrilled to be leaving for preschool camp with his sister, but I knew he’d be heartbroken when I left him for his first solo adventure in the real world. Sadly, as expected he was crushed at my departure. He is a screamer….. I’m anxious to pick … Read more

The Manny

What a week we all  had relishing in the extra support of our Manny. Too bad Uncle Chris had to go back to his real job at Addidas in Portland, Oregon instead of sticking around all summer to entertain the kids and help our little crew run errands about town. Those 2 extra adult hands … Read more

Father’s Day Pool Time!

Happy Father’s Day! The kids and I had a busy day with Daddy but managed to squeeze in some time at the pool. Today was a scorcher. Kenzie is swimming like  a superstar after her 2 weeks of lessons at Malvern Prep…the best $104 I’ve spent in a very long time. She’s going under water, … Read more

The Snake Princess

That’s my girl. Forget about the Cheetah, Kitty Cat, or Butterfly faces that all the  little girls expectedly chose for their glorious facepainting experience. Kenzie loves to follow her own fancy. And yesterday that fancy was for snakes from the Facepainter  during our MobiStories party yesterday. Very groovy! Here are the adorable Cheetah girls too. … Read more

My Little True Blood Fan

We’re somewhat obsessed by the True Blood series at my house.  After wrapping up Season 2 this weekend, we couldn’t help but notice the similarities between 2 yr old Kyle’s popsicle ravaged face and that of the vamps on True Blood after a quick feeding.  Kyle loved hamming it up for the camera while he … Read more