On Becoming Harry Potter: How to Play Harry Potter and Hogwarts at Home! #HarryPotter #WizardingWorld #WizardingWorldOrlando

Harry Potter Potions

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Here’s our plans for How to Play Harry Potter and Hogwarts at Home! Are your kids patiently waiting for their letter to Hogwarts? Until then, check out our ideas on how to set up a Hogwarts School and play imaginary Harry Potter games with your children. You can tell we […]

What is Cupping? Photos and Video of Cupping in Action

Photos and Video of Cupping

Take a peek at our photos and video of cupping in action! We’re all about exploring alternative medicine in our household! Kenzie, my 13 year old daughter has an immune disorder so she is often sick and requires antibiotics way more than the average person. Beyond the traditional western medicine, we’ve definitely sought out holistic and […]

A Guide to Parenting Teens ​#ThenAndNowKids #CPTC

Guide to Parenting Teens

The days are long but the years are short! It feels like only yesterday my kiddos were preschoolers and now this month I become parent to a teenager as my daughter turns 13. The challenges you face with toddlers and little kids are definitely very different than all the issues we face navigating the road […]

Fueling up to Swim Fast with @GoGoSqueeZ #GoGoSqueeZ at the YMCA State Championship Meet

gogosqueeze 1

YAY! As a Mom I’m always seeking healthy snacks and GoGo Squeez is our go to for convenience and healthy goodness. So both my kids and I were ecstatic when GoGo squeeZ sent me a shipment packed with a few cases of GoGoSqueez so I could make spirit bags for our swimmers and share the […]

My Parenting Mantra and Easy Ways to Save Big #MembersMarkMoments

baby pool kenzie and kyle cute

Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own. “The days are long but the years are short.” I love this quote as it captures parenthood perfectly. It’s kind of my Mama motto! Being a Mom can be tough on a day to day basis, but it’s a joyous adventure that speeds by way too fast […]

Video of a Cute Kitten Grooming and Sleeping on Boy’s Head

Video of Cute Kitten Grooming and Sleeping on Boy's Head

Yup! Check out this Video of a Cute Kitten Grooming and Sleeping on Boy’s Head This is one crazy kitten we adopted from our local shelter. Stitch is absolutely fascinated with Kyle’s head. She adores and loves his head to the point of it being absolutely ridiculous! She loves to fall asleep on his head, but […]

The Best Water Fountain for Cats is a Flower of Fun! @Catit #Catit

Best Water Fountain for Cats

Our kitten Stitch is OBSESSED with the Flower Fountain by Catit. This is seriously the Best Water Fountain for Cats! We love that this filters her water so we know it stays much fresher and Stitch obviously adores the trickling action of the water as it flows and trickles in the fountain. These Catit Flower Water […]

Giving Back with Tide Loads of Hope and Eagles Star Zach Ertz #LoadsofHope

Tide Loads of Hope and Eagles Zach Ertz

Last week I had the most amazing opportunity to partner with Tide Loads of Hope and participate in their “Driving for Hope” tour stop in Philly to help collect clothing. The clothes collected that day were washed and renewed and given to local Philadelphia shelter, Bethesda Project, to help those in need in our community. […]

Phillies Fun Thanks to @Comcast #XfinityattheBallpark


This post is sponsored by Comcast. We were thrilled to be invited by Comcast to an evening at the ballpark. Comcast hosted our family for a special evening to catch the Phillies in action and learn all about the latest Xfinity updates before the game started. We had a blast! Kenzie brought a friend and […]

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Financial Grants for Kids $50 Amazon Gift Card #UHCCF #Giveaway

UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation Financial Grants for Kids

From the moment we first become parents, we take on that role of protector for our children. There’s nothing like being a Mom and wanting to just keep your baby safe and healthy forever. Sometime things are out of our control and our loved ones have health issues. It can be scary and terrifying.  Especially […]