Kyle’s Trim at Roller Coaster Cuts

Who knew a hair salon for kids could be like a theme park? Well, that’s just what Six Flags Great Adventure has attempted to do with their kid friendly haircutting chain called “Roller Coaster Cuts.” Kyle loved every moment at Roller Coaster Cuts for his little haircut a few weeks ago.  I dropped his big […]

What Does Being a Mom Mean to You?

My video for J&J’s Real Moms reveals my thoughts…. What do you love about being a Mom? And what makes the job tough for you? Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! Hope you had a marvelous day with your families.

Kenzie’s Secret to Kite Flying

On a very windy day at Valley Forge Park, little Kenzie reveals her “secrets” to flying a kite.  A perfect day to fly a kite with lots of a wind is certainly a big help (and Daddy too of course!)

Field of Buttercups

The kids love playing on our hillside covered in buttercups. Picking flowers, laying in the meadow, and making me little mini bouquets. The joys of spring!

Car Wash Fun!

Do you let your kids splash around in the hose or wash the car? My kids get so much joy out of  the simplest pleasures  – like washing the car.  And not just our cars, but especially all their toy cars too. On warm days, they love to splash in the hose,  squirt each other, […]

Sleeping Siblings

A Field of Bluebells

The bluebells are in full bloom on the Schuykill River in Valley Forge Park. The kids were impressed with the spectacle on our family bike ride this weekend. And if you don’t have a bike trailer, and are considering buying one, I highly recommend it. We love ours – it even works beautifully on dirt […]

My Easter Puppets

I finally understand why mothers feel compelled to dress up their little boys like puppets. Truly, the shorts look with a collared shirt and sweater vest is too stinking cute. I won’t be able to get away with this for much longer, but I enjoyed Kyle’s adorable  Izod Easter outfit today  (bought on sale at […]

Bunny Time

Big Sister Kenzie helped Kyle drum up his bravery for a visit with the Easter Bunny. The kids had so much fun visiting this goofy critter at the Mall. Really the Easter Bunny is kind of creepy looking huh? Kyle and Kenzie carefully examining his hind paws.

Wordless Wednesday: Mirror Mirror on the Wall……

Kenzie’s channeling Cinderella at the moment…. but she’s been changing her favorite princess daily as we countdown to Disney.