Playskool Kota Hatchling

After coveting the gigantic and very pricey plush robotic Kota toy for the past year, I finally discovered that Playskool now has a line of Kota & Pals Hatchlings priced under $20. I bought this cozy cuddly Triceratops for Kyle yesterday to cheer him after the trauma of a Pediatrician visit, 4 days of a … Read more

School Years Memory Book by Mom Agenda

This is the best School Years Memory book I’ve ever seen. I’m so not the scrapbooking kind of girl. Never have been, never will be. So I love Mom Agenda’s classy, simplistic, and easy to organize system to help us archive our child’s school milestones from nursery school to 12th grade. And for $25 you … Read more

Acer Mini Computer

My wired husband has this computer and it is totally fabulous. He bought it late last year and it is one of our favorite products as he can surf the web easily at anytime, even while playing with the kids or when he’s orchestrating bath time as it is so portable. This is a great … Read more

Kids Crooked Playhouse

The Kids Crooked House company has received an overwhelming amount of PR and orders after being featured on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 much anticipated episode this past week where the couple announced the sad news of their pending divorce. The Crooked Playhouses are made in Maine after the founder struggled to encourage his … Read more

A Bargain for Frances

We love the Frances series and A Bargain for Frances is one of my favorite stories in the collection. Where Frances learns the lesson to "beware" of her friend Ida who tries to trick her into buying an ugly plastic tea set – only so Ida can buy the fancy China tea set Frances has … Read more

Snuggie for Kids

Oh yeah, the Snuggie is now available for kids. Toys R Us is selling these sensational wearable blankets in blue or pink and they even come with a free pair of slipper socks complete with grippies. Did that sound like an infomercial or what? We were too excited to get a sample of this Snuggie … Read more

Spider Girl Costume

This week our "it" costume is Spider Girl. As we approach Halloween, Kenzie has been digging through the mail order catalogs and going ga ga over the possible costume combinations. This Spider Girl costume is unique and it gives her the option of matching her toddler brother for their haunted evening in the neighborhood. Plus, … Read more

Bat Girl Costume

Kenzie’s latest plan for this year’s Halloween costume is to dress up at Bat Girl. Pretty hip and slick costume and Mom is happy with the price at $35 too. This Bat Girl costume she found while browsing her Costume Express catalog comes with a bat mask, dress with attached cape, gauntlets, belt and boot … Read more