Wordless Wednesday: Hanging with Winnie the Pooh & Cat in the Hat

The much anticipated Kindergarten Ice cream social was last night at our local Petrucci’s ice cream shop. And with it came Phoenixville’s local versions of Winnie the Pooh & the Cat in the Hat. Couldn’t miss this photo opp. The kids came out in full force to introduce their parents to their new teachers and […]

Wordless Wednesday: Mommy’s Boy!

A night at the movies

The kids were thrilled with this surprise treat. While Dad was out of town visiting friends, I took them to see Lion King 3D at the theater. We all loved the movie, the 3D aspect, kid sized Lion King themed glasses, and the free popcorn we got from checking in on our phone via Yahoo […]

Cool Kid on his 1st Day of Preschool

Look at the big guy on campus. Kyle is too cute starting his 3 day a week preschool program at St. Peters. He loves this place as much as his mom – and I presume his ancestors from 300 years ago too given our connection to this charming school. Take a peek! And don’t you […]

Mama’s Boy

Love this photo series. This kid is so irresistible. And he knows just how to play me with his cuddles and love so that I find it impossible to punish him for his mischief. From coloring on the carpet to secretly snatching cookies or candy from the pantry, he is always just too adorable. He’s […]

Muffins with Mom

No joke I’ve been waiting for this day since last September when our preschool calendar came out. I adore our preschool and the small close community that comes with it. St. Peters is a rare find set on a hilltop where children can frolic, picnic, and climb trees after school in the church yard – […]

Irresistable in a Baseball Cap

Tree Climbing Fools

Do your kids climb trees? There is something so inviting and magical about hanging high from tree limbs. Nothing beats this Magnolia Tree in the church yard of our preschool for tree climbing and with the warm weather comes the return of tree climbing season.


Kenzie and Kyle adore their cousins and wish our holiday gatherings would last for days instead of a mere 4 hours. The kids are all getting so big we’ll need to upgrade them to a real table next year!

Diary of a Sick Kid

Photos galore of Kyle. The past week my 3 yr old logged a ton of sick days. And with his fevers, hives, hacking wheezy cough, and double ear infections I’ve gotten tons of snuggle time. And the chance to snap photos of a stationary Kyle – since under normal circumstances he is the spitting image […]