How Nighttime Routines Equal Quality Rest When You Need It Most #RealZzz

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Note: This post is sponsored by ZzzQuil. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. Did you know 9 out of 10 Americans say they experience trouble falling asleep?* How do you calm your mind and body to ensure a great night’s sleep so you can better tackle each day? Enter creating a SOLID […]

Advocate for your Best Health – Learning about Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea

Advocate for your Best Health - Learning about Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea

Imagine having repeated stomach pains along with sudden diarrhea for months. Imagine not knowing when to expect the sudden onset and always needing to be within steps of a bathroom. This is what life can be like for someone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D). IBS-D is a common disorder affecting mainly the bowel, […]

7 Benefits Of Drinking Matcha

7 Benefits Of Drinking Matcha

Have you heard about the new Matcha trend? Check out these 7 Benefits Of Drinking Matcha and read all about this new hip and healthy trend! Maybe you’ve heard about this hot new latte from a coffee shop.. a matcha latte, or maybe you haven’t yet. I am excited to share with you a little bit more of […]

7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

With spring time on the horizon, I know so many of us are starting to come out of our winter shell and ready to get back to the sunshine, warmth, and feeling good! Maybe your wondering where to start, I always like to tell people to start from the INSDIE out.  How about 7 Ways To Boost […]

How to Check for Head Lice Video and Lice Treating and Prevention Tips #getRIDoflice #RID

How to Check for Head Lice

This post is in partnership with RID ® “Lice.” The four letter word that no Mom ever wants to experience. Simply overhearing the wordlice whispered amidst parents or receiving the dreadful lice letter from your child’s school isenough to cause total panic and household hypochondria. Tell me you haven’t received the“Lice Letter” from the school […]

Answer Medical Questions with the FREE Merck Manual Consumer App #MerckManualApp @MerckManualHome

FREE Merck Manual Consumer App

If you are like me, you probably constantly search the Internet for all your medical questions or unusual symptoms. Now, you can actually get trusted real medical information for FREE right from your mobile phone thanks to the Merck Manuals Consumer App.  Did you know that the Merck Manuals first were published in 1899 as […]

Waterproof Allergy Awareness Labels and Stickers 

waterproof allergy awareness labels and stickers

Calling all parents of Allergy kids! You’ll love these easy to use and super cute Allergy Awareness labels and stickers that make labeling your kiddos lunch bags, backpacks, jackets, or other essentials a cinch. If your child has a food allergy, you know that waterproof allergy awareness labels and stickers are an essential! Name Bubbles sent us […]

No Brainer Tricks for a Healthier Lifestyle #FindYourHealthy


How do you find your healthy??? 1. Stock my Essential Vitamins in my Purse I need an EASY vitamin routine. That includes many fail safes to insure I can take my vites daily! I love the convenience of these mini on the go vitamins from the CVS Health line and it’s a huge bonus for […]

5 Ways To Use Peppermint Oil This Winter


Winter months around here can be rough. Minimal sun, gray days, freezing mornings and it is a lot easier to pick up sickness and those winter blues! During this time of year, I love to add essential oils to my daily routine in some way. I have many favorites, but peppermint oil is my go to […]

3 Favorite Natural Tricks to Fight Colds and Flu


Tis the season of sniffles! How do you prevent colds and flu in your household? I know it’s always a battle in our house – especially with asthma kids! Given the asthma factor puts my kids at even higher risk of complications and infections, I do everything possible to try and ward off the common […]