Believe and Train Medal Rack Review for Your Athletes

Medal Rack Review

Must have for the athlete’s bedroom! Check out our Believe and Train Medal Display Review for the scoop on this genius and super easy to use medal display rack. Do you have seemingly thousands of medals and ribbons floating around your house? Do you find them in the kitchen, laundry room, dressers, desks, and everywhere […]

A runner’s man-cave

Runners basement

There’s nothing quite like a forced 1 month break from running (calf injury – again) to get the creative juices flowing. Being sidelined during the peak running season with Fall approaching is basically torture. How to channel all that extra, non-training time on my hands? Well, build a runner’s man-cave, of course. The shopping list: Foam mats […]

Loving My New Bathroom Granite and Undermount Sinks #HomeMakeovers

New Granite Bathroom Counters and sinks

I’m thrilled with how our simple and easy bathroom renovation updated the look of this entire space. The addition of this “Blue Pearl” black granite looks fabulous and matches the colors in my Master bath perfectly! We’ve lived in our home for 11 years so it’s high time for some renovating and updating! Over the […]

DIY Home Decor: Our Laundry Room Makeover for under $250

Aqua Laundry Room makeover with Chic Crystal Chandelier

Who knew a laundry room mattered so much? I’m obsessed with our brand new laundry room. Miraculously we turned the dumping ground of our house into a functional space that looks cool too – all in one weekend!!! We spent under $250 at Lowe’s to buy paint, a crystal mounted chandelier, and new flooring to […]

Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Cleaning Products


I heart Mike Rowe from the TV show, Dirty Jobs, on the Discovery Channel. How real is he? And yeah it sure doesn’t hurt that he is a pretty good looking guy. Plus I find all those “dirty jobs” fascinating. Well now, he launched a line of cleaning products inspired by his show, Dirty Jobs. […]

Hanging with the Glade® Expressions™ Happiair Tour Truck


After tweeting it up all about Glade® and their new fragrance collection earlier this week, I was able to actually visit the Glade® Expressions™ Happiair truck at my local mall on Saturday. I even brought the kids with me, as I knew both Kenzie and Kyle would be all over testing out all the new […]

My Secret to a Clean Shower

Do you want to know my new trick to keeping my master bath smelling fresh? I use the Automatic Shower Cleaner from Scrubbing Bubbles. It’s easy to use, smells great and I love how it hangs from my faucet and doesn’t take up any precious real estate in my shower. Check out my new video below! […]

New Bedding & the Decorating Bug

I’ve got the decorating bug in a big way. We’ve lived in our house for 7 years. After the initial decorating in those first few years, I’ve been all about the kids and growing my business. With my book almost done ( 2 more weeks!!!!!) I’m feeling a major nesting instinct. Just bought this new […]

What Are Your Tips for Fall Entertaining?

How do you prep the house for a festive fall environment so you can entertain on a minute’s notice? Here are my six tips. I’d love to hear your entertaining ideas! 1. Hit the Apple Orchard! We try to hit the apple orchard each October to stock up on apples. This way we’ll be ready […]

Home Office Progress Report

The miracle of built in bookshelves. Truly. Our decision to add these into my home office when I was collaborating and planning with my carpenter is going to make this space. It will add character and functionality – which is especially important in a small area.  Construction is full throttle.  The kids love our carpenter […]