Determined on land & water! #XC #CrossCountry


Out of the pool and into the woods! I’m so proud of 9 year old Kenzie for hopping in her very 1st ever Cross Country meet last weekend. My girl LOVES LOVES LOVES to run. She did AMAZING! I missed the meet, but a friend captured some fabulous photos. Kenzie has lots of endurancea and […]

Never underestimate the Joy of a Summer Baby Pool!


Kids – and babies – love water. So it’s not secret that Baby Pools rock for the entire family every summer. We may not have a pool in our back yard, but we’ve always had a fantastic time splashing around with even the tiniest of Baby Pools. This summer, we shared our baby pool joy […]

Father’s Day Fishing Inspiration

Fishing Poppy and Kyle

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? For the last few years, the kids have been fishing with their Poppy & Daddy so it’s become part of our tradition. My Dad is quite the fisherman so the kids and my husband love soaking up his fishing advice and learning his outdoor skills to improve their luck […]

Life is Normal… Until it’s not!


It’s been a tough week after getting a dreaded middle of the night phone call from a hotel manager in San Francisco that Mike was found barely conscious and being sent by ambulance to Stanford Medical center for a head injury as they were a special trauma center. Being 3000 miles away never felt so […]

Mini Blogger Signs with Lundby @LundbyDollshouse


Super cute!!!  It’s official! Kenzie signed her 1st contract today. 9yr old girls dream job! Kenzie is going to be a the first “Kid Ambassador” for Lundby, the Swedish makers of the adorable and amazing Lundby Dollhouse line. She’ll be sharing lots about Lundby on her blog One Kids Life and on my site too!

Orthodontics Front Face Mask Photos: Growing Up Isn’t Easy!

Orthodontics Front Face Mask Photos

Ugh!!! It’s been a long 7 months, but just the other day we got the FANTASTIC news from the orthodontist that Kenzie’s jaw issues have been resolved and corrected which meant that she could FINALLY stop wearing the dreaded Face Mask contraption at night. Hooray!!!!  Below is some info on our experience if you have […]

Speedy Day at the Valley Forge Revolutionary Run #RevRun


It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day for the Valley Forge Revolutionary Run this past weekend at Valley Forge National Park. With the park in our backyard, we’re no strangers to hiking, running, or enjoying the beauty there, but it was exciting to see the fanfare on race day. If you’ve never done it before, and […]

Reflecting on 2014 and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


Happy 2015 friends!!!  Wishing everyone a fabulous year full of adventure and good health! Heading into a new year, we always reflect on the past year together when we go out to dinner with the kids on New Year’s Eve.  2014 was a fabulous year for the 4 of us with all kinds of excitement […]

Getting our Christmas On !!!


Tis the season! When Thanksgiving falls late and it’s only 3 weekends until Christmas, it’s time in our house to go all out decorating and begin trimming our tree. We love our local Yeager’s Farm and visiting there annually to buy a pre-cut giant tree and then we take a hayride to the fields where […]

School Days!


My days feel empty without the constant chatter and buzz of energy around the house and I’m missing those lazy days by the pool as I dig into work now. Oh how I miss these cuties! My little guy started 1st grade and I just can’t believe how times flies. Love that now the kids […]